The Cakery - Bespoke vintage-style tea parties delivered to you

Options - Personalise your party!

Enhance your menu by selecting one or more of the following options, or create your own bespoke menu and apply for a quotation.

Delicious Options

Sponge cakes: Victoria, Chocolate, Coffee or Lemon

Lemon Drizzle cake

Sticky Ginger cake

Light Fruit or Cherry cake

Carrot and Orange squares

Crunchy Lemon squares

Loaf cakes: Tea and Fruit; Cherry and Ginger; Banana; Marmalade and Orange

Mini meringues with butter cream filling

Squidgy Flapjacks

Bakewell slices

Anzac cookies

Cornish Fairings (spiced cookies)

Cup Cakes: Vanilla; Chocolate; Carrot; Butterscotch; Lemon

add £1.50 per head

Delectable Options

Apricot Crunch cake

Cappuccino cake

Devil’s Food cake

Caramelised Danish Apple cake

Fresh Cherry (or Raspberry) and Lemon Curd cake

Dundee cake

Chocolate Marbled Ring cake

Apple and Cinnamon cake

Marbled Millionaire’s shortbread

Chocolate Tiffin slices

Squidgy Chocolate Brownies

Almond Macaroons sandwiched with butter cream

Special Fresh Strawberry cupcakes

add £2.00 per head

Divine Options

French-style Macaroons

Vanilla Sponge cake with fresh cream and fruit

Elderflower and Lime Drizzle cake

Best Chocolate Fudge cake

Luxury Carrot cake with Cream Cheese topping

Cherry and Marzipan layer cake

Whisky or Guinness Special Fruit cake

Luxury Date and Nut cake (the late Queen Mother’s favourite!)

Special Lemon cake with Lemon curd and Mascarpone filling

Caramel Triple Layer cake

Red Velvet cake or cupcakes

add £2.50 per head

Gluten or Nut-Free Options

Coeliacs don’t have to miss out! Delicious gluten-free possibilities include squidgy chocolate macaroons, vanilla or lemon cupcakes, rich chocolate cake, chocolate caramel shortbread and plain or banana flapjacks.

Likewise, while we can’t guarantee a nut-free kitchen, we offer many recipes that do not contain nuts. Just ask us for details.